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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  March 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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here in wheaton, maryland and it was about 3:00 this morning when a woman came home from being out and her co alarm was going off. that is the good news here. then there was apartment above hers that had a lot of them it and had to get all the people out and evaluate them. ten people in all evaluated for possible co exposure. and it looks like the majority of adults were able be to get back in just a few moments ago. but, again, one child possibly may have to be transported. they're kind of waiting to see if they can get that child's co levels back down to what would be considered acceptable. again the good news here is that co alarm worked. good lesson for all of us. i'm thinking i need go home and check might as well. i asked if they knew what the source of exposure was it looks like at this point it could b
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they shut gas off and let everything air out and it looks like things will be okay. but at this point they're still kind of checking everyone to make sure that they will be all right as well. back to you guys. >> all right. melanie, thank you very much for the report. 4:31 this morning "fox5" presses for answers in disturbing case out of montgomery county this comes after 14-year-old girl is raimd by app 18-year-old classmate at rockville high school. "fox5" made several attempts tomorrow some with montgomery county public schools jack minl and last night we exclusively caught up with him as he left his office. here's what he had to stay. >> our student was in a program for english learners and that's a program we have across the system and so it's not a matter of what grade they're in. >> i really can't talk about any of the facts around the case because there's an ongoing police investigation and the police and courts will sort all of that out. >> and "fox5" also learned there were ice detainers against both suspects in the
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officials are examining status in the united states. smith assures parents students are safe at school and there's a pta meeting tonight at 7 at the school tunz clear if smith will be there. >> 4:32 and turning now to politics. house intelligence committee held a rare on hearing yesterday with fbi director comey. comey revealed the fbi is investigating whether president trump's cam coordinated with russian officals to sway the 2016 election and during a five hour session comey also commented on mr. trump's claim of wire tapping by then president obama. with respect to the president's tweets about alleged wire tapping directed at him by the prior administration, i have no information that supports those tweets. >> comey refused to offer details on the scope, target or time line for the fbi investigation into russian involvement in the election. >> meanwhile, in the senate, supreme court nominee
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continues. yesterday gorsuch pledged to be independent as associate justice or hang up the robe. however, democrats criticized him for appearing to favor the well mry and and powerful in more than 2e7 years as i federal judge. gorsuch says he tried to treat all fairly and with respect. >> meanwhile president trump hit the road campaign style to drum up support are for the healthcare plan. some are vowing to vote gems. it last night he held a rally in louisville and added a competitive bidding process to lower drug costs. >> we're also going to work on bringing down the cost of medicine by having a fair and competitive bidding process. >> a crucial vote is expected this thursday in the house on the gop healthcare bill. >> happening today, a virginia judge will hear arguments on a challenge of presiden
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travel been by council on islamic relations or care and the group is call for injunction opt ban and the care called the attempt a muslim ban. today aers hearing begins 10 alexandria. >> on capitol hill more than 600,000 signatures would be delivered to congress urging them to protect pbs coming following attempt to cut federal funding for broadcasting program and organizers of today's event will deliver the signatures at 11:30 this morning. >> all right. 4:34 is the time now. both of us have rain on their heads -- >> little rainy didn't like it. >> it was warmer rain. i'm okay with that. >> we don't have a khoyps we're making observations. >> this is what we think, mike. >> at least it was not snow. >> great point. >> look at the positives. >> it's rain coming down early this morning and the good news it will not last all day and in fact will not last all morning just for the couple hours here we could be dealing with patchy drizzle and showers. there's temperatures outside right now and believe it or not they'r
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locations than they with this time yesterday. 47 in washington as well as mannasas and culpeper and 49 quantico and 47 annapolis and up north and west cooler air temperatures in the 40s instead of lower 30s like yesterday morning and now here are the showers we were tracking that came across the beltway. very, very early this morning and most of those are now fading off to the east and they will continue to do so for the next few hours and cannot rule out a popup shower and isolated drizzle through the morning hours. it won't be as widespread as what came through in the overnight hours. look at your planner for the day. 54 by 11 a.m. and keep the clouds around for majority of morning hours and should dry it out as we continue to progress through the morning hours and headed to the afternoon breaking up clouds getting into the 60s by 2:00 and then by 5:00 this afternoon nice mild sunshine back out 63. 64 degrees for a daytime high later on this afternoon. get out and enjoy if you can do so because the colder weather comes our way tomorrow. detas
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coming up in a few minutes. for now let's they'd back to erin and for traffic. >> 4:35 mike you know what rain and drizzle can do to the morning commute inner loop crash cleared involving a trar tractor-trailer ramp to central avenue and as you can see inerin outer loop through capitol heights area and largo looking good now and new outer loop crash. let's take a look outside at that one and show what you you are up against this morning as you make your way out this is new hampshire avenue the outer loop blocking the shoulder there and give yourself a few extra moments and otherwise traffic is quiet. you can see shine on the road from that light drizzle. let's just watch for slick spots. grab umbrella or jacket with a hood before you head out. en er loop quiet and metro starts 5 a.m. this orng and only safe track right now impacting yellow and blue. we'll let you know if there's slow downs. check in with me on twitter at erin fox d.c. we'll keep you updated on this gloomy tuesday morning commute. >> coming up on "foxew
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and first responders file lawsuit against saudi arabia. >> and i mystery of the stolen super bowl jersey takes investigate torsz to get this t. wisdom, mexico. >> a live look across the dmv time 4:37 michael thomas says it will warm up today that's the good news but there's cold weather in the future. >> let's stick with the good news for
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>> we back at 4:39 thistis morning with what is hot on the web the stories you are engaging with most this morning on social media. >> first up family members of 800, 9/11 victims with suing saudi arabia in first of its kind lawsuits. they accused officials of aiding hijackers in attack by raising and providing
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al-quida for terrorist activity. out of 19 hijackers 15 were from saudi arabia this is the first lawsuit since coming grease loued them to sue the saudi arabia government. president obama veto ad that and coming gress overturned that. >> rockefeller pass away he was 101. david rockefeller was last surviving grabbed some of john d. rockefeller who created america's first billionaire. >> president trump says he's the reason that former 49ers 1/4 being back can't get a job. the president said the free agent has not been signed yet because nfl doesn't want a nasty tweet from him. he took a knee during the national anthem this gear and started protest in august in response to police involved shootings of black men and women when he opted out of contract he said he would stop kneeling during the national anthem. >> and meanwhile, president trump called for de funding
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which created sesame street. since the 80s mr. trump was depicted as grump a grochowskiy and greedy monster. no word if this is why he want to cut funding. president trulp is not the first president to want tonight eliminate public broadcasting fund. >> and finally it was once lost and now it's found. >> tom brady's jersey. super bowl jersey went missing from patriot locker room. fbi says marciao ortega took that jersey. he stepped down from a newspaper position in march and the jersey was found in mexico. >> there's a lot of questions about the story. >> i understand he's an auction person. that may -- and there's questions as to whether he may have other superbowl items as well from the denver broncos. >> you have all that access should be interesting. >> coming up on "fox news morning" the man accused of fire bombing a baltimore home turns himself in. >> and if you need help finding a job we may be able to point you in the right direction. >> as we head to break here's a live look across the
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>> 4:44 and today on "fox news morning" searching for answers we talk exclusively with the mogo
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superintendent about alleged rain inside rockville high school. >> and live lookoids right now. today will feeley lot like spring. miping michael thomas has the forecast. temps in the 60s. >> i'll take that for second day of spring. good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm erin como. >> today istis, march 21. mike, warmer temperatures and rain moving in. >> rain moving through. the good news is it won't stick around for the entire morning. and then into the afternoon the clouds break up quite a bit. we'll get to sunshine and warmer temperatures and it will feel like spring on first full day of spring. so stormtracker radar showing showers continuing to push off east. mostly leftover southern maryland and kind of eastern portions of anne arrundel and calvert counties and central portions of virginia. . that does not mean we're in the clear. spotty drizzle here and there and certainly a lot of cloud cover. there we viii:00 in the morning cloudy skies in future cast and move into the afternoon. breaking the clouds up
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1, 2, 3:00 today and we'll get to sunshine and warmer temperatures will takeover. but, again, they won't last too long. there's accuweather 7-day forecast. 64 today and 51 tomorrow high today in the 40s all day thursday. good news we start going back up on friday near 60 and then by saturday, yes, possibly mid 70s. good news there on the 7 day. >> let's check the forecast. erin, back to you for a check of traffic. >> 4:46 now and you're taking a look at breaking news we're tracking on 95 southbound fairfax county parkway. a vehicle fire has three right lanes blocked just left lane now on the southbound side of 95 is crawling by. they're readjusting the camera to get a view of that scene. a lot of flashing lights and looks like flames are under control but we cannot confirm that at this moment. crews still working hard on the fire scene. so allow for extra time and again the left lane speeds under 15 as you head from mixing pole as you make your way to stafford you hit that delay.
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on that scene and vehicle fire has us down to one lane. switching over for a look at the map. earlier upper loop crash cleared and we'll have more traffic in a few moments and happening right now, people living in apartment building in wheaton are being allowed back in following carbon monoxide scare. building in the 2300 block of blue ridge was evacuate aid short time ago after a woman came home to find co detector going off. ten people were evaluated on the scene for co exposure. thankfully none of them had to go to the hospital this morning. >> "fox5" continues to look for answers in disturb be case out of montgomery country a after a 14-year-old girl is is raped by an 18-year-old classmate. fox made several attempts to talk to jack smith and last night we caught up with him as he left his office. he's what he had to say. >> our student was in a mets
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program across the system. it's not a matter of what grade they're n i can not talk about any of the facts around the case because there's ongoing police investigation. and the police and courts will sort all of that out. >> "fox5" also learned that there were ice de tapers against both suspects in the case. >> this morning, three men accused of robbing several gun shops in our area are in jail. detectives say they stole thousands of dollars worth of weapons from gun dealers over the past ten days. and one of the gun shops hit was west armory guns in chantilly smash and grab was caught on camera and the men are facing several charms. >> now to update in the fire bombing of a home in baltimore that killed two teens a man suspected of intentionally setting fire was in custody and antonio wright turned himself until it police and surveillance shows wright fire bombing the home in east baltimore early saturday by tossing molotov cocktails until it went up in flames. he faces multiple
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first degree murder and arson. >> a rockville man shot his dog and then himself before explosion that leveled his home and shook houses miles away. and the medical examiner confirmed monday that 61-year-old steven martin beck was found dead in the basement of the home on ashley drive. and so far, investigators have not found what caused explosion or whether it was intentional. >> 4:49 is the time now coming up on "fox news morning" new rules for beachgoers on eastern shore. >> and owner of be love vd d.c. land mark they asked for your help. >> as we head to break now a live look outside across the dmv we're dealing with rain now and warm-up on the way and on the other side of all that, well, i'll let michael thomas tell you what happens. >> then there's a weekend warm-up because i cheated and looked ahead. >> erin where did you cheat. >> hi to look at the 7 day. i care about saturday andtis. we'll be right
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>> back now at 4:51 and happening today opening statements begin in the case of former president of penn state university facing charges in how he handled sex abuse claims against jerry sandusky. graham spanier is facing child endangerment and conspiracy. he failed to report ales made in 2001 that sandusky mole egg aid boy. he was convictsed in 20 12 of abusing multiple boys. >> hundreds of fake leaders and organizers in the d.c. area are coming together to launch dmv sanctuary congregation network. that is in support of local immigrants. today around 11:30 they plan to march down church row 16 street past some of the nation's historic churches on the way to the white house. >> if you look for work this morning you might want to make your way to silver spring because verizon is hosting three on house hiring
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silver spring location on columbia pike they're looking to fill seasonal fios technician positions and events begin 11 a.m., 3 p.m., 6 p.m. and go to verizon web site and apply online. >> coming up on 4:53 if you go to rehoboth for fun in the sun listen up. starting in may beachgoers have to ditch tents, tarpsen cab an aand paivl don't for a circular beach umbrella. >> they banned anything not circular. must be 8 feet in diameter or smaller and collapsible and nongreater than 7' 6" and for those looking to get married here you have to get a special permit to get a bigger tent. hope you got all that as you get ready to head to the beach. >> small umbrella i got from that. >> write it all down. >> let's talk about this owner of ben's chili's bowl need help decide what the new mural will look look i they launch aid campaign top solicit ideas and you should vote on wh s
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on ben's web site or use #vote for ben's mural. they recently painted over four celebrities on the wall. temporary muir ral is in its place with instructions how you vote for your favorite icon. so far they received more than 20,000 votes. >> 20,000 votes. who the did you want to see up there wisdom. >> i don't know i have to think about. it i was going to say something crazy i have to think about it. >> took it back and rethink it. >> i have to put the filter on. >> i'll check through the #s and see who the contenders are. >> mean while let's talk to michael thomas. >> you wouldn't want to see my -- >> that was on my list of things hi to pull back. >> i have a feeling you're lying. >> and let's take a look at weather forecast. we have some rain move through early and the good news is clearing later on this afternoon will lead to mild afternoon. and in fact it will feel like spring on this first full day of spring. and the bad news, not for too long. cooler air returns by early tomorrow morning.
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showers that move through. again, early this morning the bulk pushed off east and there is still this one little piece of energy that still has yet to swing through the mountains. that comes through later and we can have drizzle there. that's what i drew with the red line. bus stop forecast for the kids. i'll leave scattered drizzle for them. 38 to 48 for them out there during the early morning hours. lots of clouds. not until the afternoon will the cloud cover start to break up and we'll get peaks of sun sheen and that will warm us up. 55 to 65 degrees later this afternoon and it will feel absolutely glorious. especially compared to what we have our way tomorrow. tomorrow e. breezy and chilly. 51 here in the district. many will stay in the 40s all day tomorrow. and most will do so on thursday as well despite lots of sunshine. good news we'll start warming it back up in time for the weekend. 59 on friday afternoon by the time we get to saturday temperatures timely return to the 70s. it would be the first time since march 9 if we're able to do it. sunday temperatures
4:56 am
60s with good am of showers around an by the time we get to monday temperatures wobbling between 50s and 60s with chance of showers remaining in the forecast. >> all right. that's a check of weather forecast. let's head back to erin como checking roads. >> thank you very much. mike, 4:56 right now and it looks like it's pretty dark outside. but i can promise you it's a little brighter than that. this is breaking news we're tracking on 95 southbound out of fairfax county park waivrment you can see two lanes now getting by and notice blue flashing light to the right of the screen. this is scene of earlier vehicle fire. two lanes blocked caution and take one southbound around that. watch for rubber neck delay on that northbound side as well. and we'll switch it over for a look at maps and show you what else you're up against this morning. tuesday morning we're seeing quiet companies on the beltway. upper loop, early tractor-trailer crash central avenue cleared and drizzle moving through the area. give yourself a little extra time and may encounter slick
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if any other crashes pop up. any questions, airport, "fox5" d.c. on twitter. >> coming up on "fox news morning" the dakota access pipeline project remains closed despite attacks on the lines. >> and rosy the rivoter will be honored at the u.s. capitol. >> going to break. 4:57 now. both airport and mike mentioned drizzle i'll make it three drizzle is happening now. mike also said the world glorious. >> that's a good world for tuesday. >> there you go i'm taking notes everything mike says. >> is that what you'rerying down. >> yes, among other things, back in a moment
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>> today on "fox5"news morning serving for answers we talk exclusively with the montgomery county school superen tend enter about alleged rain inside rockville high school. >> live look outside now. today will feel like spring. michael thomas has choice words for us today educational words about the weather. >> drizzle, glorious. >> that's jution the start. >> michael thomas good morning to you, we sgai morning to you first. >> wisdom martin and erin como. >> tuesday, march 1. >> that's michael thomas right there. >> let's try to use fancy headlines there. clouds and drizzel to start and glorious


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